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The age-long dream of every self-respecting football fan. The Champions League. It’s an oasis in the year, where your club can reach its apogee and then taste bitter defeat after a mistake that is inexplicable to you (and everyone else).

The upcoming edition starts today, but before I go into team previews, let me give you some general information about the tournament.


THE TOURNAMENT Amongst European football clubs

THE TOURNAMENT Amongst European football clubs, there is an elite – it consists of 4 teams: Real Madrid (ESP), Barcelona (ESP), Bayern München (GER), and Juventus Turin (ITA). These teams receive direct qualification for the CL Group Stage. For the remaining 20 places in this round, however, there are 3 ways of making it in.

1. League placement The top-4 teams from the 2013/14 domestic league (in this case, Spain, Germany, Italy, and England) automatically qualify for the Group stage as well as the following teams: – The winner of the CL play-off round – 5th place from the Premier League & 6th place from Serie A. These two teams face each other home and away with without any fixed opponents to determine which one makes it through to the group stage and who has to be content with a spot in the first knock-out round.

2. Domestic Champions Cup This option is available if no team qualifies via points or league position alone. In that case, all participants of the Europa League (of the previous season) with the best points total are invited to participate in this competition. The winner of that tournament is then awarded a ticket for the CL Group Stage as well, but with the condition that they act as team number 5 or 6 from their own league.

Unfilled spot reduce the highest-ranked participant

3. Other European cup victories This is only relevant if your league isn’t represented by at least 3 teams via either method 1 or 2 above. For each unfilled spot reduce the highest-ranked participant in Club Rankings by one place, and give him/her their Europa League spot which now becomes available due to this rule change. That means: – If there is no fourth-ranked club (and thus no Europa League spot), it will go down to fifth place. – If there is no third-ranked club (and thus no Europa League spot), it will go down to the fourth place. – ETC …

After that, the best team in Club Ranking receives their CL ticket for the Group Stage and all remaining spots are determined by a play-off between the next highest teams from domestic league rankings. The winner of this match plays in CL from the following year on, while his opponent takes part in EL from then on. ]

This article describes how Champions League participants are determined via the above rules in order to determine who plays in CL / EL throughout a season. In addition to that, I included a section about Europa League ([UEFA EL article]) as nobody seems to

“I like that system.” -Tony Stark (only if he knew about football)

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