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The start of a new project can be as fleeting as sparks from a fire.

Sometimes, the first idea that comes to mind will spark an entire flame – or it could just as easily burn out within seconds.

In this first installment of “Drawing Ideas”, we’re going to look at one simple way you can improve your chances at a successful creative venture:

Ask yourself “What if…?”

For example: What if I took two characters from different games and put them together? [Link + Crash Bandicoot] [Wario + Fox McCloud] [Shrek + Donkey Kong?] What if I drew a guy with his dog in some random setting? [Cave Story character in real life cave setting/room posing] [RPG hero in a cutesy, but awkward situation] [Someone falling while being chased by a monster] What if I draw some classic Sonic characters all mingling together?

Every idea you have doesn’t need to be an explosive success. In fact, most of them won’t be. Don’t worry though – the ones that don’t work out can always give you fodder for another idea down the road!

Let’s get drawing! Remember: Draw something every day and share it with your pals on Miiverse.

– Tom (With help from Tiffany)

PENCIL TIP #1: Have a question ready to ask yourself when a new idea hits. It could be as simple as “What if…?” or “How would…?”

PENCIL TIP #2: Don’t get discouraged if an idea fails to start! Keep this in mind and you’ll surely succeed.


Hi Pencil Friends! This time, I want to talk about something that’s very close to my heart – video games. Video game fan art has always been one of my favorite types of artwork because it captures the spirit of a game in a different medium. The worlds created are already so imaginative, why not try turning them into your next piece? There are many ways you can approach drawing your favorite characters in the style of another series or franchise though. For instance , if Link was reimagined as a Thundercats character, how would his weapons and clothes be different? Or if Wario was reimagined as a Mario character, what would he look like? You can also take characters from games and put them into other worlds or settings. Maybe Donkey Kong could be reimagined as a knight in shining armor who still wants honey! In this drawing tutorial, I’ll give you some tips for drawing Smash Bros. characters in the style of Adventure Time!

– Tiffany Pencil Tip 1: Pick something that’s been on your mind recently or is currently stressing you out. If it helps, write down your thought process to determine the best way to approach it. Start by finding a good reference picture online , then look at your references to find what you like the most about it. Draw that!

Pencil Tip 2: Don’t be afraid to take a step back or change your plan when your drawing doesn’t turn out how you thought it would. That’s part of the creative process!

– Tiffany  THought

Hi Pencil Friends, Tiffany here! I’m excited to tell you all about my favorite type of art – video game fan art! When someone draws their favorite characters in the style of another franchise or game, they’re taking their love for that series and showcasing it in a new way. With this tutorial, we’re going to show you how to draw Minecraft characters in the style of Adventure Time! The are pretty much endless with this idea, so feel free to draw all of your favorite characters!

– Tiffany Pencil Tip 1: Whether you want to draw Finn and Jake or Steve and Creeper, start by finding some good references . Online is usually the best option for this. Think about what you like most about your reference before starting your drawing. Is it the colors? The shapes? Are there any poses or facial expressions you love? Keep that in mind while working on your own drawing!

Pencil Tip 2: Don’t get discouraged if something doesn’t work out how you planned. This can happen with any type of art – it’s just part of the creative process! If things seem frustrating after a little bit, take a step back and collect yourself. In the end, it’ll be well worth it!

– Tiffany [ARTICLE END]

Hi Pencil Friends! I know what you’re all thinking – “It’s Tuesday again? Time flies!” We’ve been having a lot of fun hosting these drawing tutorials and we want to keep them coming. One thing that we could use your help with though is topic suggestions for future tutorials. If there’s something specific on your mind that you’d like for us to cover, let us know using the form below! As always, thank you so much for reading!

– Tom (With help from Tiffany)

PENCIL TIP #1: It’s okay if someone else already drew something similar – theirs may different or have interesting differences! PENCIL TIP #2: Try to learn at least one new thing while you’re practicing! It can be as simple as learning a cool shading technique or how to draw something realistically. PENCIL TIP#3: If you’ve drawn something already and want to try drawing it differently, erase the old version first! You don’t want your mistakes to affect your future art.

– Tiffany (with help from Tom) If there’s anything else you’d like us to talk about, let us know in the comments below! We’ll see what we can do for our next article 🙂 Thanks again for reading – stay tuned for more art tutorials soon!

-Tom & Tiffany (and Eddy) take a look at

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