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Lately, PUBG Mobile has become a subject of discussion in the Indian mobile game community. No doubt, it is an amazing game, mainly because it has hit the top charts on IOS and Android both. People are still hooked on playing it even after months since its official release.

However, there is another battle royale that is basking in the shadows of PUBG Mobile – Rules Of Survival (ROS). Created by NetEase Inc., ROS was first released around December 2017 for mobile devices. Although now you might not find it on the Google Play Store app list anymore (there’s no confirmation why), you can download it from their official site or from third party sites such as ApkPure.

What makes this ROS unique is the fact that it’s actually a mod of another game – Knives Out. This may put off some players from giving it a try, but let me assure you that ROS is at least as good as PUBG Mobile. In fact, I would say it is even better in some aspects.

Here, we’ll compare these two games based on various parameters to give you a clear idea of which suits your needs and preferences more. If you’re new to these battle royales and looking for one to get started with, then this article will help you pick between the two!

Starting with their history

PUBG was first released on Steam in March 2017 by Tencent Games, while ROS was launched 4 months later in August 2017. Both of them are equally popular on PC, but ROS was released first on mobile. However, the developers of PUBG Mobile – Tencent Games – have acquired the rights to develop and publish PUBG globally for smartphones. This makes it an instant favorite within the community due to its developer advantage.

A few big updates later (especially 1.0), PUBG Mobile has become a really solid game that doesn’t lag too much even on older devices. It’s also free-to-play (with in-app purchases) like ROS, which takes us to our next point…


ROS is purely made for survival battles while there are other modes as well such as DeathMatch, Team deathMatch, etc., but they all work on the same principle. Apart from that, ROS also has a feature called ‘buddy system’ which allows you to choose your teammate before spawning – so there’s no unfair teaming anymore!

Moving onto PUBG Mobile, it is closer to what was released on PC than ROS. You can play among 100 people at once and the maps are also significantly big. This makes it more fun but also a bit laggy as compared to ROS. However, with time updates have been getting better and now players don’t experience lags as much anymore (with some exceptions).

Now let’s talk about graphics:

While both of these games look amazing on high-end devices, I would give credit to ROS for being better optimized. It doesn’t lag much nor does it have any major bugs, making it a more reliable game overall.

However, PUBG Mobile beats ROS when it comes to graphics due to its close resemblance to the PC version. This gives you that ‘realistic’ feel while playing the game. Although since both are based on similar engines, you won’t often find any significant difference in performance.

Weapons & Vehicles:

Both games have a good collection of arsenal which allows players to pick between different types of weapons according to their playstyle. However, what sets ROS apart is the fact that they have implemented some unique weapons like Nunchaku and SPAS-12 (Sawed-off) which can only be accessed through care packages and CrateItems respectively.

Another advantage of ROS is that it has around 100 maps to play on ranging from snow, desert, and grasslands among others. Whereas PUBG only has 4 maps so far (Erangel, Miramar, Sanhok, and Vikendi). However, updates should bring new ones in the future…


Through achievements and other challenges, you can unlock special rewards in both games such as exclusive costumes or emoticons. It’s a good way to keep things fresh while playing all day long!

Ending thoughts:

While ROS was initially considered inferior to PUBG due to its late launch for mobile devices, it has proved its worth by providing a very stable experience even on low-end devices. It doesn’t lag and there are no major bugs at all, making it a complete package of entertainment for players of all ages and skills.

You can play ROS on both Android and iPhone devices but PUBG is exclusive to smartphones supporting iOS 11.1.2 so if you’re running an older version, this might not be the best choice right now!

Have any suggestions or questions? Post them in the comments below so we can discuss them together! Till then, happy hunting! Oh and don’t forget to share with your friends too!

Title: How Many Mobile Which Sported PUBG Mobile Game

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I have been playing this game for about 2 weeks now so I figure it’s time to give my opinion!

If you are reading this chances are that you already know what the battle royale genre is. If not, basically 100 players get displaced on an island and they all have to fight each other to be the last one standing. The big difference between this game and others of its kind is the fact that it works very well on mobile devices, there are no major bugs or lag issues even when playing with multiple people at once which was quite surprising in my opinion. This makes it a good choice if you’re looking for an alternative for PUBG Mobile because

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