Michael Wendler Laura Müller

What’s the Biggest Accomplishment of Your Life?

Laura: ​​For me, it is by far my daughter. I would never have believed that something could mean so much to me and give me so much happiness. She is simply my little sunshine and I am very happy that we get along well with each other. It might be different with the fathers, but Michael and I want to do everything together for Sophia. We sleep in the nursery next to her or visit restaurants which are child-friendly or go on walks with our four-month-old baby. Nowadays you find such things everywhere – once people were ashamed when they had children, now parents love it because everyday life has become more child friendly – it is simply more enjoyable being with our daughter.

That was hard work, but now it has all paid off – I have my own family, a husband who loves me and who I love back. We are very happy together.

Michael: My second biggest accomplishment besides the construction of my new home in Florida will be opening up my new club on May 26th where I am able to present talented artists to the public. It would not have been possible without Laura’s help because she had her hands full with our daughter at this time. Sophia learned how to walk during this period, so Laura could only give small amounts of time for planning yet it turned out wonderfully! I am really looking forward to celebrating with many guests and friends!

What is Your Biggest Weakness?

Michael: I believe that all of my guests know what my biggest weakness is at the moment. It would have to be the fact that I have eaten only junk food for almost two weeks! Laura and Sophia do not allow me to eat healthy, which initially worked out well for me because we were in Miami and it was difficult finding such things there. Now we are back home and I try desperately to get rid of this excess weight by exercising every day! As you can imagine it is not so easy after maintaining a certain weight for so long. I’ll manage though, the important thing here is to never give up!

Laura: Michael’s biggest weakness besides his ego? He’s a simple guy who has a hard time saying no to me. I have him wrapped around my little finger and he knows it!

You recently fought for custody of your child with Laura. How did that feel?

Michael: You know, this was definitely an interesting topic in our relationship when we first got together because it took some time before I could accept the fact that she wanted to remain close to her ex-boyfriend. Today is behind us and we all live under one roof again – Sophia, Michael and myself. Our daughter lives in paradise and is doing fantastic in Florida which makes things easier for me since I am constantly on the road all over Germany but still want to be actively in her upbringing even though I am far away.

Laura: At this point, I know that if Michael’s not there then I will receive support from his parents or the nanny who is just great with Sophia. We all live together in peace and harmony while he is on tour or at work all day. The opportunity to be part of her upbringing is something that no woman could ever take away from me again!

What are your plans for the future?

Michael: I would be satisfied if our current situation remains the same with an emphasis on spending more time together with my wife and daughter. Of course, further projects are still planned but nothing has been set into stone yet. It might have something to do with a new album or a documentary about my life…

Laura: I like my current situation and what we do currently does not bother me. We both have our jobs and we create order around us. Sophia is the most important thing in our lives which makes me happy and that’s exactly how it should be! (Long pause) And if Michael ever gets into a fight with his parents then he will definitely lose, even though I would take his side, since they give everything to make Sophia feel good.

What are the two of you planning to do on May 26th?

Michael: On May 26th, my new club “P1” opens its doors for the first time ever. After weeks of construction, all of our pain-staking work was well worth it! “P1” was built with the idea of providing talented artists to the public at home. Sophia has already learned how to walk during the construction, so Laura could only provide small amounts of time for planning yet it turned out wonderfully! I am really looking forward to celebrating with many guests and friends!

Laura: We are planning on holding a little celebration with about 50 guests where our wedding video from last year will be played since we have been together for three years now. Once again, my parents will not attend because they do not approve of Michael – they would rather see me married or in a relationship with a man who is financially well-off.

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