Richard David Precht

In January 2019 the German Book Prize will be awarded to a controversial book, which was published in English under the title “The Art of Life” by Richard David Precht. The award is a scandal! This is because this book contains grave errors and accusations that could destroy lives, based on false assumptions. I have written a detailed review for YOU Magazine that shows precisely what is wrong with it.

At this point, I would like to explain why such an important topic as human or animal feelings should not be trivialized or made fun of – as happens time and again in literature and culture.

Richard David Precht

If someone claims to speak about something serious without actually knowing anything about it, then they are either deceiving themselves or others: And even just one quote from the numerous I have compiled here shows how completely wrong in every respect the book by Richard David Precht is.

“If you can prove guilt in a court of law but fail to establish it in your own mind, then your heart will never find peace.” For centuries, this has been one of the guiding rules for our justice system – and probably also for many others. The idea behind the rule was simply that if someone feels guilty after being caught doing something wrong, they are much more likely to behave better afterward.

This rule applies to humans as well as animals. Anyone who fails to recognize this when dealing with animals will be unable to judge their actions or behavior correctly. Because whether human or animal: always act according to feelings that are logical, sensible, and legal. I am not claiming here that animals like to be “punished” or that they enjoy enforcing justice. Rather the opposite is true. Because only someone who has committed a wrong (and feels guilty about it) can benefit from holding out a hand in forgiveness.

speaks of establishing guilt

This book tells us nothing about feelings, rather it speaks of establishing guilt – but this is no substitute for real knowledge on the topic of feelings.

Feelings are something completely different from what the word evokes in most people’s minds when they hear it used in this context: Feelings are part of our nature and show us where we stand with respect to others and to ourselves. When we feel generally uncomfortable about being with certain individuals or groups of people, then it is completely normal if we avoid these people as much as possible. What isn’t normal is when we hate them and feel guilty afterward!

So what actually constitutes a feeling? At the most basic level, an organism feels uncomfortable if it comes into contact with something that doesn’t belong on its skin. That’s all there is to feelings – nothing more, nothing less! But feelings are anything but simple.

Range from clothes to houses

From this first step forward, everything becomes complicated…especially since humans invent so many things for themselves which they never had before. These range from clothes to houses to cars and computers and so on – not to mention money! And even at the earliest stages of life, these “inventions” can cause serious problems due to their negative impact on feelings. This is because people are not capable of thinking logically about money – for example, when it comes to wanting more of it!

Another extremely important point has to do with the fact that human or animal feelings aren’t just tied to the present moment but also extend into the past and even into the future. For this reason, many different types of feelings come together in our brains that have nothing to do with each other at all. An animal who feels attacked by an enemy will plan its escape immediately after doing so.

without any thoughts whatsoever about revenge (which would be something completely different), let alone how it might pay back its attacker later on! What’s more; once an attack has been carried out successfully, animals feel completely justified – and that’s the end of the story! If it were not for this fact, every animal would have a very difficult time getting through life without committing too many mistakes.

Expressed verbally but always instinctively

It is extremely important to understand this when dealing with animals because in most cases you won’t be able to rely on them in a life-threatening situation. For example, if a cat is in danger from another animal, then it will simply run away.

Cats have developed their survival instincts over millions of years and these are completely different from those of humans. And they can’t just be changed overnight either! In addition, any feelings which come into play in such situations cannot be expressed verbally but always instinctively – behaviorally! And here we find yet another reason for not disrupting the natural behavior of animals when they are in their “comfort zones.”

The most important thing you can do with an animal is to make sure that its comfort zone is limited to as few areas in your house or garden as possible. Pressure them in this regard, for example by feeding them only in one particular location.

If you’re doing really well with this approach (and your animal isn’t showing any signs of illness) then you will be able to gradually expand the number of places where it feels welcome and at home. For some people, that can actually mean opening up whole rooms – but please don’t get carried away until absolutely necessary. And if you aren’t doing so well for some reason, then stop immediately.

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