why Facebook convert into Meta?

It was surprising that Facebook that has high popularity and is the biggest social network in the world accepts Meta tags. It is even more surprising that they embrace it passively although we know many of their competitors like Twitter make good use of this opportunity like “Title” and “Description”.

Some Information which I find from the Facebook developer:

The answer to such a question is found on Aaron Weyenberg’s blog which seems to make Facebook developers realize the worth of this tag. Here are some articles from his blog about what he mentioned:

Another reason for using it might be because Google giving a warning that using Open Graph protocol may have a potential impact on PageRank as stated by Matt Cutts, head of search spam team at Google, in an article titled “What you should Know About Facebook’s ‘Open Graph’ and Google’s ‘Rich Snippets”.

In short, Facebook might be creating a win-win situation for both sides. In fact, some Facebook apps already making use of meta tags like “Twitter Card” and “Open Graph Protocols”, including the new one from Instagram which I have been using for quite a while.

Open Graph Protocols

Despite it is still not clear whether these posts will appear in search results or not but I believe it will increase the chance for small business owners to get their posts seen by more people because they can make better descriptions on their posts without worrying too much about keeping it up to date with fresh content.

Another possible reason might be that this move is part of the preparation for when Facebook goes public as stated by Peter Kafka from All Things D in an article titled ” Facebook Makes Its Open Graph Protocol Official, Clears Way For Possible IPO “.

As we know that stock price of public companies is strongly influenced by investors who want to buy some shares. Those people not only look at the financial state of the company but also some particular details like how the company appears in search results like descriptions and related tags. This is why it is important for Facebook to keep their business running on the right track with no mistakes or scandals even before they go public.

Developer Programs Engineer

Although currently there are still many questions about how this move affects Google’s ranking algorithm according to Sasha Russinovich (Developer Programs Engineer)in his article “Meta Tags on Facebook Pages” it may take some time for them to come up with a solution because there are some technical things they need to be considered and it’s best if we just wait and see.

He also mentioned that this move will not affect the page rank of the website which is hosted by Facebook, so no worries for those who use Facebook as a hosting service. And finally, he gave good advice for you to get the most out of meta tags: ” The key to using Open Graph well, however, is to add structured markup even when your site doesn’t match the Open Graph Protocol exactly. Adding such markup ensures that people sharing links from your site don’t lose attribution when they post their links on Facebook.”

Reference: Sasha Russinovich (Developer Programs Engineer):  Meta Tags on Facebook Pages

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