why we use mask in corona days , mask how to save us from corona virus

   1. What does Coronavirus do?

Corona is a flasher-type virus, this means that it just sits there all day long looking pretty and flashing its ugly face on your screen over and over again. The only thing the user can do at this point is to wait until the PC crashes or reboot it manually. When Corona crashes the PC, it will also crash all open applications and give an error message.

2. How does Coronavirus get on your computer?

Coronavirus gets on your computer by being attached to games or any other type of download. Internet users are always warned not to open e-mail attachments unless they are sure of who the sender is, so only people who are willing to ignore this warning will ever get corona on their PC.

3. What does Corona do?

The only thing it does is to flash its face on your screen as I said. It doesn’t damage files, and it doesn’t delete files. The main problem with Corona isn’t actually the virus itself, but rather what it makes you do: erase all of your data and reinstall Windows (which means losing all of your saved work).

4. What will happen if you reboot your computer?

When the PC boots, Corona activates again all by itself, so you get to see its face again. If your PC crashes, don’t worry; it won’t show up in Safe Mode or in DOS. You can also uninstall the virus safely (see below).

5. How do I know if my computer is infected by Corona?

Look at your desktop and see how it looks. If the wallpaper shows a blue screen with white text in between vertical lines (kind of like DOS), then you’re alright (if you don’t see this, then congratulations: your computer isn’t infected). If you see Corona’s face in your wallpaper, though, then it means you do have the virus!

6. How can I get rid of Corona?

The simplest way is to reboot or turn off your computer when the virus starts flashing its ugly face . This will cause it to be erased by Windows when you restart, but you will lose all the data you had on your hard disk (remember, this virus doesn’t delete any files).

7. How do I know if Corona deleted my files?

If you turned off or restarted your computer when Corona was flashing its face, then it didn’t; otherwise, I’m afraid that it did. This virus doesn’t open any documents. It has a record of what files it uses and removes them from the hard drive when you turn off your computer. If your PC crashed, but you didn’t see Corona’s face before it did so, then there’s a chance that your files were just corrupted and not deleted.

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