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Wolfsburg Salzburg is a fanfiction serial set in the universe of “Wolfsberg” an RPG that was created by Joerg Niemeyer.

It’s the year 1957 and the world has changed after WWII. With all chances of victory against Germany lost, International System has to accept Nazi Regime as an equal partner. As far Adolf Hitler never died but crossed over with ever-lasting youth through magic rituals during his Antarctic escape he had nothing to fear.

Wolfsberg Castle in northern Austr

Once arriving at Wolfsberg Castle in northern Austria he becomes the leader of the Nazi Party again and rules together with his old friends Heinrich Himmler und Hermann Göring over what used to be known as the Greater German Reich making it bigger than ever before under ideals of racial purity.

Nowadays it is known as the World System, where Nazis are in charge of Europe, America, and the Soviet Union. They dominate the globe through their advanced technology based on aircraft and atomic energy.

The story tells about two young boys: Maximilian Wolf and Paulus Reiner who live in one of those Nazi communities and fight together for a better future even if it has to be under the control of the Nazi regime. Their friendship gets shattered when Hitler sends both to different military schools – Maximilian goes off to pilot school at “German Air Force” while Paulus becomes an SS-officer at “Police School Dachau”.

Years pass by and everything changes with the first law of secrecy getting passed along with all kinds of other regulations to make sure no one can enter or leave the World System.

Maximilian Wolf returns home, now his father is the Governor of “Sudetenland” and he has to fight against Paulus Reiner who appears as a local SS leader…

13 episodes each covering about two months

The story will be set between 1947 and 1957 (after the first law of secrecy) in different cities all around the world like Berlin, London, Paris, New York City, Chicago, Kansas City, Stuttgart/Wolfsburg und Wien/Vienna. The first season starts in autumn 1947 with Maximilian’s return home. It spans over 13 episodes each covering about two months time span.

We plan to shoot this fanfiction in different locations in Germany, Austria, and the Czech Republic with an international cast. We are planning to shoot the film in black & white for different thematical reasons too.

This fan fiction is written by Jan Gerhard Toelle in March 2013. With help of many others, it took over one year until the shooting could start in August 2014. The script is finished already but the story shall evolve during production because there are some factors out of control like weather conditions or lighting conditions on set…

The working title was Wolfsburg Salzburg when it started but came back to its original name “Wolfsburg” after a while. Unfortunately, people usually don’t know where Salzburg is located therefore it makes sense to use Wolfsberg since they can relate to that more easily.

capable of understanding and speaking German

The German language is used in this film since it is set in the late 1940s when German was widely used in official contacts. All actors have to be capable of understanding and speaking German at least a bit, but there are many good international multi-lingual actors involved in the project too.

The main cast will be from Germany, Austria, and the Czech Republic with English subtitles. The rest cast will be from all over Europe and the world – if you want to participate contact us via Facebook or by mail: Wolfsburg(at)Joelle(dot)com

The crew consists mostly of people who participated or were members during the pre-production phase before the shooting started August 2014 until today (September 2015). There are about 100 people involved in the project to date and we hope that even more will join in.

A lot of people already volunteered but we cannot take everyone who is interested due to budget constraints and availability – if you want to help us with locations, equipment, food, etc. contact us via Facebook or by mail: Wolfsburg(at)Joelle(dot)com

Equipment, locations, cast

We are looking for all kinds of support (equipment, locations, cast). Please contact us before reaching out to production companies since it’s not always possible to get what we need from them.

The production phase started in summer 2014 when the shooting began on August 16th and ended originally planned on December 15th. This time span was too short even though the weather conditions were good.

We resumed production on March 15th, 2015, and will hopefully continue for the next few months until April 2016. We plan to complete this project as soon as possible but we cannot make any promises since everything is depending on cast availability, budget constraints, etc.

Some scenes still have to be shot from the first filming period of summer 2014 as well as some key scenes from spring/summer 2015. The final edit is scheduled for early 2016 – if all goes well – until then please be patient…

The movie will be broadcast in Germany via the internet (on jtoelle.com) in autumn 2016. Depending on our financial outcome it might be released worldwide in DVD/Bluray format or shown at film festivals before that happens…

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